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Window Cleaning Services

We offer both interior and exterior window cleaning services, along with screen removal and screen cleaning. We also clean skylights, mirrors, interior doors, and glass railings. Our cleaning service includes cleaning the glass and frames of your windows. We include a light cleaning of the tracks and frames with interior window cleaning, but a Detailed Track and Frame Cleaning Service is also available for an additional fee.

Window cleaning removes dirt, pollen, fingerprints, exhaust, sea salt, sand, and other airborne materials. Keeping your glass clean prevents staining and discoloration from these issues.

We use only the best tools and equipment to provide a professional experience. On the exterior, windows are cleaned with deionized water run through a water-fed pole cleaning system. We use a strip-washer on the interior to apply a concentrated window cleaning soap and remove the soap and water with a professional squeegee. Using only deionized water outside allows us to clean exterior windows without any soap or chemicals that could affect your landscaping. Screens are also cleaned with ultra-pure deionized water run through an electric pressure washer.

*We are well educated in the issues that have arisen with tempered glass in recent years and will not scrape windows that are unsuited to this cleaning method.

Our waterfed pole system allows cleaning of even the highest windows safely.
Waterfed pole system in action.

Why choose GutterPatrol for window cleaning?

  • Commitment to Quality
  • Professional brushes and poles
  • Trained technicians
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Fully Insured and Bonded
  • Locally Owned and Operated

Read What Our Customers
Are Saying About Us!

"These guys are THE BEST! They just finished our house and are currently working on my neighbor's house as we speak. They offered a nice discount for the two houses together and their rates are very reasonable, especially considering the amount of work they do."
Lydia L. Santa Cruz, CA

We had GutterPatrol & WindowShine clean our windows this week and are very impressed with the job they did. All the grime we could not get off is all gone and there are no streaks. They were on time, prompt and courteous. A+
Zack B. Santa Cruz, CA
We had Eric and his worker over today to do our house, small workout room, and garage, including 7 skylights- they were right on time, went right to work, finished in a timely manner- windows look fantastic!!
Judi G. Ben Lomond, CA

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Window Cleaning FAQs

How often should windows be cleaned?
Cleaning your windows once a year will protect the glass and window frames against damage from the elements in most conditions. However, to keep your windows looking clean all year round, some customers right on the ocean will need monthly or even bi-monthly service. Pets and children will also dictate how often windows will need to be cleaned. We can help you set up a recurring service plan to fit your home and lifestyle.
How are exterior windows cleaned?
We use ultrapure deionized water (DI water) and top-of-the-line poles and brushes. Water is run through our filtration system that removes all the minerals from the water, resulting in ultrapure water that allows for cleaning without the use of chemicals or soaps. We use the pole and brush to remove spider webs, dirt, and grime and then we thoroughly rinse the glass and frame, leaving your exterior windows to dry spot free. This is the most commonly used technique in modern window cleaning. The results are great and this also helps us work safely on your property, minimizing ladder use and allows us to work around delicate landscaping.
How are interior windows cleaned?
We use a strip-washer to apply a mixture of water and Glass Gleam 4 Window Cleaning Concentrate to the glass and give the glass a good old fashioned scrub. We then use a professional squeegee to remove the dirty, soapy water from the glass. We finish by wiping the edges of the glass and frame with a towel as necessary to remove any remaining water.
Does GutterPatrol clean window tracks and frames?
Yes, however detailed window track and frame cleaning is a separate charge due to the labor associated with deep cleaning. We include a light cleaning of visible tracks and frames with all interior and exterior window cleaning services, but for a more thorough cleaning, you will want to consider our Detailed Window Track and Frame Cleaning.
What is Detailed Window Track and Frame Cleaning?

Detailed window frame and track cleaning includes cleaning all visible and non-visible tracks and frames. To do so, we open the window and clean all the nooks and crannies with a variety of specialized tools. This is a line item that can be listed on your estimate to consider along with glass cleaning. Additional charges may apply if windows need to be taken apart to clean tracks or frames or if bleach is needed to clean mold on and around frames.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions about track and frame cleaning.

What if my windows are really dirty; do you charge more?
Occasionally we will need to charge more for a first time cleaning. Windows that haven’t been cleaned in a long time often require extra scrubbing to look good. We do our best to honor estimates, but pricing and scope of work will be confirmed at the time of the appointment.
How does GutterPatrol remove window screens?
We always compress the window spring while removing the screen as this helps the screen come out easier. If you prefer to remove your own screens, they can be stacked for us to clean. If you choose to remove your own screens, we will omit the charge per screen on your estimate/invoice.
How does GutterPatrol clean window screens?
We use an electric pressure washer with DI water to clean screens thoroughly without damaging. The pressure is calibrated to be very gentle on delicate window screens. This method offers superior results! If you prefer to clean your own screens, we will omit the charge per screen on your estimate/invoice.
Do I need to remove my curtains or blinds before a window cleaning appointment?
We can usually work around them, but if you prefer to remove them yourself, please do so prior to our arrival. If for any reason we can’t work around your window coverings, we will discuss the situation with you to come to a resolution.