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Valor Gutter Guards

Valor Gutter Guard is a micro-mesh style product with a rigid metal frame that keeps leaves and other debris out of your gutters and downspouts, protecting your home from damage caused by overflowing gutters and clogged downspouts. Valor’s raised screen design pulls water into the gutter for optimal performance.

  • All metal construction
  • Fits most gutter & roof types
  • Two Installation Methods to Match Your Roof Needs
  • Painted Galvanized Steel, Aluminum and Copper frames available
  • Handles High Water Flow
  • Rigid louver frame
  • Raised S-Curve micro-mesh screen
  • Moss-Away & Melt Away options
  • Wildland Urban Interface Compliant/Class A Fire Compliant

Leaf Defender Gutter Guards

Leaf Defender Gutter Guards have a patented design that combines superior functionality, strength and artful design for a low cost. A combination of a stainless steel, raised-ridge patterned screen and support with a light-weight, durable aluminum frame Leaf Defender Gutter Guards are an all-in-one quality product.

  • All metal construction
  • Fits most gutter & roof types
  • Lightweight aluminum frame with raised ridge stainless steel screen
  • Handles high water flow
  • Wildland Urban Interface Compliant/Class A Fire Compliant
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We offer both Valor and Leaf Defender gutter guards. We consider your needs and budget to come up with the best choice for your property.

We’ve installed over 50,000 feet of gutter guards and have been in the industry for 18+ years (CSLB #1055861).

Why choose GutterPatrol to install your gutter protection system?

  • Experience
  • Installers are Employees
  • Trained Technicians
  • CSLB #1055861
  • Specialized Equipment
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Fully Insured and Bonded
  • Locally Owned and Operated since 2002

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Gutter Guard Installation FAQs

What gutter guards does GutterPatrol offer?
The two major brands that we offer are Valor and Leaf Defender. We consider your needs and budget to come up with the best choice for your property.
Do I really need this?

The answer to that question truly depends on your specific situation. We won’t sell you something you don’t need, but a lot of folks do greatly benefit from the installation of gutter guards.

Are you currently cleaning your gutters multiple times per year? If so, yes, gutter guard installation is a great solution to eliminate frequent cleanings, wear and tear on your roof, dangerous ladder use, and worry about clogged downspouts.

Are you aging and want to limit home maintenance tasks? If so, yes, gutter guard installation is a wise choice to give you piece of mind that the gutter system is protected and issues won’t arise during the rainy season.

Are you a busy family who would rather spend time traveling, playing at the beach, and attending kids sporting events on weekends than cleaning your gutters and downspouts? If so, yes, gutter guard installation will give you more free time and reduce your home maintenance projects.

Do you own a rental property and want to know the gutters are working properly when you can’t be there in the middle of the night or don’t want to be? If so, a quality gutter guard will give you peace of mind that your gutter system is working properly.

Will installing a quality micro-mesh style gutter guard reduce my maintenance costs?
Yes, gutter guard installation will save you the cost of gutter cleaning services. Most gutter guard installations pay for themselves in 5-10 years.
Are there color choices to match my existing gutters?

Yes, Valor offers multiple color and material choices to create a seamless look on your existing gutters.

3 color options in Galvanized Steel (White, Brown, Charcoal)

2 color options in Aluminum (Colonial Grey, Mill Finish)

Who installs the gutter guards?
All installations are completed by GutterPatrol employees, not subcontractors like you will find with some other large national companies. We are always available before and after installation for questions or concerns.
How are gutter guards installed?

Most commonly, gutter guards are installed under the first row of shingles and screwed into the lip of the gutter using sheet metal screws. Some installations will require screws at the back of the gutter as well as into the lip using sheet metal screws.

All installations take into careful consideration the existing roof and gutter system details to determine the proper materials and installation techniques to use.

What is the difference between hiring a professional gutter guard installer and someone with little to no experience?
Experience! We see a lot of completed gutter guard installations in the maintenance side of our business and we have seen other companies, “handymen,” and DIYers damage shingles, leave gaps, and install inferior products. Unfortunately, there are a lot of botched jobs that end up requiring gutter cleaning or adjustments to the installation. We have also seen many large roofing companies whose employees lack the specific skills to install gutter guards offer the service as an upsell that can result in poor installation.
What are the product warranties?

What is the Valor warranty?
Valor comes with the industry’s best 25-year warranty that is fully transferable, no-hassle, and backed by a 100% American company.

Is the Valor warranty transferrable?
Yes! If you sell your home or pass it on to your children, the warranty is transferable.

What is the Leaf Defender warranty?
Leaf Defender has a 20-year warranty, that is fully transferable, no hassle, and backed by a 100% American company.

Is the Leaf Defender warranty transferable?
Yes! If you sell your home or pass it on to your children, the warranty is transferable.

Can I install a gutter guard on just a portion of my home?
Absolutely, and we recommend it often. Maybe you have a huge oak tree over the 2nd story of your home and the roof is steep in that section, making access for cleaning the gutters and downspouts difficult. Or maybe your garage is located underneath a liquid amber tree and you have grown frustrated cleaning the gutters five times per year.
How long does a gutter guard installation take?
An average size home will take less than one day to install. Large homes or complex situations may require two days for installation.
Do gutters with gutter guards on them need to be cleaned?

Poor quality gutter guards allow debris to pass through and need ongoing maintenance. This is the case for many plastic and metal mesh gutter guards that can be purchased at a home improvement store. Usually these types of guards have fairly large holes that allow debris through or larger debris gets stuck in the holes, blocking the proper flow of water. These types of guards give false piece of mind that the gutters are protected.

Gutters that are protected with a high quality micro-mesh style gutter guard do not require regular cleanings. The products are designed and installed to be self-shedding, allowing any debris sitting on top of the guard to naturally move off in rain and wind. Should a build up occur, we can offer a nominally priced service to clear the roof and top of the gutter guards.

Will I need to maintain my roof after installing gutter guards?
Often times no ongoing maintenance will be required. The number and proximity of trees around your property will determine how often your roof may need to be blown off to keep it free of debris. We can offer recommendations for ongoing service needs.
What happens if I need a new roof?
All of the gutter guards that we install can be removed and reinstalled. We recommend contacting us to remove the guards before the old roof is torn off and having us reinstall the guards after the new roof is completed.
What is the difference between Valor and Leaf Defender?

Valor and Leaf Defender are both high quality micro-mesh style gutter guards made in California.

Valor’s design of stainless steel micro-mesh that sits in a rigid, louver frame offers superior durability. The S-curve design captures high flow water while directing debris off the guard. Valor offers multiple color and frame material options. There are options to customize the installation, like corner seam covers, Melt-Away and Moss-Away, different mesh sizes, and inside and outside miters for a more finished look and better performance.

Leaf Defender is made of raised-ridge stainless steel micro-mesh with a lightweight aluminum frame.

What is the difference between high quality micro-mesh style gutter guards and other types of gutter covers?

High-quality micro-mesh gutter guards will keep your gutters free of debris without the need for regular cleanings. Other plastic and metal gutter covers allow some debris to pass through or trap large debris in their large holes, offering false piece of mind and an expenditure that doesn’t give you a return on the investment if you’re still cleaning the gutters. Plastic gutter guards warp and crack after sun exposure. Remember, PVC is a plastic, so don’t be fooled by claims that PVC gutter guards will hold up over time. Solid gutter cover styles don’t properly direct the flow of water off the roof and can void the warranty if they are removed for cleaning when debris inevitably gets into the gutter cavity due to their poor design. Brush-style gutter inserts are ineffective and increase your maintenance costs as they still require regular gutter cleanings that are highly labor intensive.

High quality, metal framed, micro-mesh gutter guards are durable and fire retardant. They will not warp, crack, or melt. Valor and Leaf Defender gutter guards are WUI compliant for installation on new builds where gutter covers are required, as well as the best choice for areas that are prone to wildfire danger.

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