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Hardening Your Home

Keeping your gutters free of dry debris is the first step in protecting your home from the increasing danger of wildfire in California.  We offer recurring service plans to ensure your gutters are cleaned regularly, but even just a tiny amount of dry debris is enough to catch fire and ignite an entire house.  Installing an all-metal micro-mesh gutter guard ensures that your gutters STAY clear of dry debris at all times! 

Valor and Leaf Defender Gutter Guards are Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) compliant and Class A Fire Compliant. 

Protect your biggest investment and install the gutter guard that has been independently tested by the NCR Consumer Advocacy Group and has claimed the top rating for quality, durability and lowest cost.

*NCR Consumer Advocacy Group is the largest publisher of independent 3rd party testing, ratings and reviews for the gutter cover and home improvement industry.

Why choose GutterPatrol?

  • Our gutter guards are all metal; WUI compliant and Class A Fire Compliant

  • Experience. We’ve installed over 50,000 feet of gutter guards and have been in the industry 18+ years
  • Installers are employees of GutterPatrol, not independent contractors
  • Trained technicians who will take care not to damage your gutters, roof, or property
  • Skilled technicians with the right equipment to work safely on all types of roofs
  • Commitment to Quality
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Fully Insured and Bonded
  • CSLB #1055861
  • Locally Owned and Operated since 2002

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Fire Protection Service FAQs

What fire prevention services do you offer?
We offer our Roof, Gutter, and Downspout Cleaning service, as well as WUI Compliant Class A Fire Retardant gutter guards from Valor and Leaf Defender. These micro-mesh guards are available to install on existing gutters as a retrofit as well on new construction. Some counties now require gutter covers to be installed on new construction as a result of increasing wildfire danger.
Why is it important to clear roofs and gutters during the fire season?
During a wildfire, embers can fly up to one mile ahead of a fire. Dry leaves that are piled up in roof valleys, behind chimneys, and in gutters can ignite if falling embers come in contact with them. Even just a small amount of dry debris in a gutter cavity is enough to catch fire from a falling ember and then create a fire on your roof.
How do gutter guards help in the case of a wildfire?
Gutter guards prevent debris buildup in the gutter system eliminating the possibility that the dry debris could catch fire from a falling ember. An all-metal micro-mesh gutter guard will help protect your home all the time. You don’t have to remember to clean your gutters constantly during fire season nor try to do so quickly if a fire is rapidly approaching.
What does CalFire recommend?
CalFire recommends regular gutter cleaning or installation of non-combustible corrosion resistant metal gutter covers.
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