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  • Roof, Gutter, and Downspout Cleaning

Roof, Gutter, and Downspout Services

Our service includes clearing all debris from the roof, gutters, and downspouts, including clearing any downspout clogs. Gutters and downspouts are water-tested to ensure the system is functioning properly and to inspect for leaks or seams that may be failing. Debris is bagged and hauled from the property.

For most homes, we recommend annual cleaning to keep your gutter and downspout system in proper working order. In areas with heavy tree cover or fire danger, more frequent cleanings may be necessary.

Reasons to keep your gutters clean:
  • Protect Your Foundation
  • Reduce Erosion
  • Prevent Water Damage
  • Eliminate Standing Water and Insect Infestation

Why choose GutterPatrol for gutter cleaning?

  • Commitment to Quality
  • 18+ years of experience
  • We water-test every downspout; most companies skip this crucial step
  • Trained technicians who will take care not to damage your gutters, roof, or property
  • Skilled technicians with the right equipment to work safely on all types of roofs
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Fully Insured and Bonded
  • CSLB #1055861
  • Locally Owned and Operated since 2002

Read What Our Customers
Are Saying About Us!

"They did an exceptional job cleaning my roof and gutters which was challenging to say the least as I have an 8-12 pitched roof. After they cleaned all of the debris from my roof and gutters Angel then did an exceptional job of cleaning the debris from my deck and yard."
Dianna B. Santa Cruz, CA

Great and fast service! We have a very steep tiled roof but Eric handled it easily. Amanda quickly responded to my questions. I would definitely recommend this company.
Kelly D. Santa Cruz, CA
I highly recommend GutterPatrol. From the time I contacted them to the day they cleaned my gutters, there was great communication, professionalism and customer service. The gutters were cleaned efficiently with all cleaned up afterwards. I will use GutterPatrol again!
Linda L. Los Gatos, CA

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Gutter Cleaning FAQs

How does a rain gutter system work?
The two main components of your rain gutter system are gutters and downspouts. Rain water drains off your roof and into the gutters. This water then exits the gutter through downspouts that either go into an underground drainage system or will drain straight into your landscaping.
Why do I need to clean my gutters?
Improper gutter maintenance can lead to small problems like leaking or discolored gutters or to large problems like water intrusion, foundation erosion, and rust. Rusting gutters can become ineffective and lead to costly repairs or require replacement. Standing water can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests. Dry debris on a roof and in the gutter can become a fire hazard.
What’s included in a typical gutter cleaning?
Roof debris is bagged on the roof when safe or blown off and cleaned up. Conditions will dictate how debris is removed from the gutters. In dry conditions, gutter debris maybe be blown out when appropriate. In wet conditions, debris will be scooped into buckets. Any debris that lands on the ground is cleaned up. The final stage of the cleaning process is to flush the gutters with water using a powerful hose attachment to flush the entire gutter system. We use a hose and with a powerful attachment to rinse the entire gutter system, always including the downspouts, to ensure your gutters will work properly.
How does GutterPatrol unclog downspouts that won’t drain?
For stubborn clogs we use a flexible water hose to snake down the downspouts, pushing out any clogs in its path. If this method doesn’t do the trick, we will remove the downspout and disassemble it as necessary to clear clogs.
Why do downspouts clog?
Downspouts can clog at three different points: at the top where the gutter and downspout meet, in an elbow where the downspout turns, or close to the ground. When a clog occurs at the top or in an elbow it is usually because a mixture of leaves, dirt, or shingle grit mix together and create a blockage. At the bottom of the downspout, clogs can occur if the downspout is buried in dirt or mulch. We’ve also seen clogged downspouts from tennis balls and kids’ toys…
Why is my rain gutter overflowing like a waterfall?
Rain gutters will overflow when the downspouts get clogged and water backs up into the gutter cavity. This cascade of water can cause erosion, foundation damage, stains and streaks on the gutter exteriors, and general mess.
Why is water shooting off my roof?
In heavy rain an extra volume of water will come together in roof valleys and can shoot over the edge of your roof. We can add flashing to prevent this problem in the future.
My underground drainage is clogged. What can I do?
If your underground drainage is clogged, you will need a plumber to clear any underground clogs. We will advise you in the case we suspect you have an underground clog.
Why is my gutter bowing out or falling off?
When your rain gutters are installed, gutter hangers are installed to prevent your gutters from bowing out. If your downspouts are clogged, and water backs up into your gutter, the weight of the water will often pull the gutter hangers out. This will make your gutters bow out or even fall off your home. If we see this problem, we can rehang your gutters and add hangers as necessary.
How do I determine proper maintenance for my roof, gutter, and downspout system?
Factors that determine the best maintenance strategy for your property are roof style, gutter style, trees, tree proximity to the home, and whether or not gutter guards are installed on your rain gutters. Weather and regional conditions also dictate proper maintenance for your property. And, of course, budget is always a consideration. We take all of these factors, and more, into consideration when helping you determine the right choice for you and your property.
What is the difference between roof clearing and roof cleaning?
Roof clearing includes bagging roof debris from the roof when safe and blowing off loose debris and moss. Roof cleaning includes removing dirt moss and other organic material from your roof and is a more specialized service.
Do you repair gutters and downspouts?
Yes, we offer minor gutter and downspout repair services, as well as downspout replacement.