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Gutter Cleaning FAQs

How does a rain gutter system work?
The two main components of your rain gutter system are gutters and downspouts. Rain water drains off your roof and into the gutters. This water then exits the gutter through downspouts that either go into an underground drainage system or will drain straight into your landscaping.
Why do I need to clean my gutters?
Improper gutter maintenance can lead to small problems like leaking or discolored gutters or to large problems like water intrusion, foundation erosion, and rust. Rusting gutters can become ineffective and lead to costly repairs or require replacement. Standing water can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests. Dry debris on a roof and in the gutter can become a fire hazard.
What’s included in a typical gutter cleaning?
Roof debris is bagged on the roof when safe or blown off and cleaned up. Conditions will dictate how debris is removed from the gutters. In dry conditions, gutter debris maybe be blown out when appropriate. In wet conditions, debris will be scooped into buckets. Any debris that lands on the ground is cleaned up. The final stage of the cleaning process is to flush the gutters with water. We use a hose and with a powerful attachment to rinse the entire gutter system, always including the downspouts, to ensure your gutters will work properly.
How does GutterPatrol unclog downspouts that won’t drain?
For stubborn clogs we use a flexible water hose to snake down the downspouts, pushing out any clogs in its path. If this method doesn’t do the trick, we will remove the downspout and disassemble it as necessary to clear clogs.
Why do downspouts clog?
Downspouts can clog at three different points: at the top where the gutter and downspout meet, in an elbow where the downspout turns, or close to the ground. When a clog occurs at the top or in an elbow it is usually because a mixture of leaves, dirt, or shingle grit mix together and create a blockage. At the bottom of the downspout, clogs can occur if the downspout is buried in dirt or mulch. We’ve also seen clogged downspouts from tennis balls and kids’ toys…
Why is my rain gutter overflowing like a waterfall?
Rain gutters will overflow when the downspouts get clogged and water backs up into the gutter cavity. This cascade of water can cause erosion, foundation damage, stains and streaks on the gutter exteriors, and general mess.
Why is water shooting off my roof?
In heavy rain an extra volume of water will come together in roof valleys and can shoot over the edge of your roof. We can add flashing to prevent this problem in the future.
My underground drainage is clogged. What can I do?
If your underground drainage is clogged, you will need a plumber to clear any underground clogs. We will advise you in the case we suspect you have an underground clog.
Why is my gutter bowing out or falling off?
When your rain gutters are installed, gutter hangers are installed to prevent your gutters from bowing out. If your downspouts are clogged, and water backs up into your gutter, the weight of the water will often pull the gutter hangers out. This will make your gutters bow out or even fall off your home. If we see this problem, we can rehang your gutters and add hangers as necessary.
How do I determine proper maintenance for my roof, gutter, and downspout system?
Factors that determine the best maintenance strategy for your property are roof style, gutter style, trees, tree proximity to the home, and whether or not gutter guards are installed on your rain gutters. Weather and regional conditions also dictate proper maintenance for your property. And, of course, budget is always a consideration. We take all of these factors, and more, into consideration when helping you determine the right choice for you and your property.
What is the difference between roof clearing and roof cleaning?
Roof clearing includes bagging roof debris from the roof when safe and blowing off loose debris and moss. Roof cleaning includes removing dirt moss and other organic material from your roof and is a more specialized service.
Do you repair gutters and downspouts?
Yes, we offer minor gutter and downspout repair services, as well as downspout replacement.

Gutter Guard Installation FAQs

What gutter guards does GutterPatrol offer?
The two major brands that we offer are Leaf Solution and Valor. We consider your needs and budget to come up with the best choice for your property.
Do I really need this?

The answer to that question truly depends on your specific situation. We won’t sell you something you don’t need, but a lot of folks do greatly benefit from the installation of gutter guards.

Are you currently cleaning your gutters multiple times per year? If so, yes, gutter guard installation is a great solution to eliminate frequent cleanings, wear and tear on your roof, dangerous ladder use, and worry about clogged downspouts.

Are you aging and want to limit home maintenance tasks? If so, yes, gutter guard installation is a wise choice to give you piece of mind that the gutter system is protected and issues won’t arise during the rainy season.

Are you a busy family who would rather spend time traveling, playing at the beach, and attending kids sporting events on weekends than cleaning your gutters and downspouts? If so, yes, gutter guard installation will give you more free time and reduce your home maintenance projects.

Do you own a rental property and want to know the gutters are working properly when you can’t be there in the middle of the night or don’t want to be? If so, a quality gutter guard will give you peace of mind that your gutter system is working properly.

Will installing a quality micro-mesh style gutter guard reduce my maintenance costs?
Yes, gutter guard installation will save you the cost of gutter cleaning services. Most gutter guard installations pay for themselves in 5-10 years.
Are there color choices to match my existing gutters?

Yes, both brands offer multiple color and material choices to create a seamless look with your gutters.

Who installs the gutter guards?
All installations are completed by GutterPatrol employees, not subcontractors like you will find with some other large national companies. We are always available before and after installation for questions or concerns.
How are gutter guards installed?

Most commonly, gutter guards are installed under the first row of shingles and screwed into the lip of the gutter using sheet metal screws. Some installations will require screws at the back of the gutter as well as into the lip using sheet metal screws.

All installations take into careful consideration the existing roof and gutter system details to determine the proper materials and installation techniques to use.

What is the difference between hiring a professional gutter guard installer and someone with little to no experience?
Experience! We see a lot of completed gutter guard installations in the maintenance side of our business and we have seen other companies, “handymen,” and DIYers damage shingles, leave gaps, and install inferior products. Unfortunately, there are a lot of botched jobs that end up requiring gutter cleaning or adjustments to the installation. We have also seen many large roofing companies whose employees lack the specific skills to install gutter guards offer the service as an upsell that can result in poor installation.
Can I install a gutter guard on just a portion of my home?
Absolutely, and we recommend it often. Maybe you have a huge oak tree over the 2nd story of your home and the roof is steep in that section, making access for cleaning the gutters and downspouts difficult. Or maybe your garage is located underneath a liquid amber tree and you have grown frustrated cleaning the gutters five times per year.
How long does a gutter guard installation take?
An average size home will take less than one day to install. Large homes or complex situations may require two days for installation.
Do gutters with gutter guards on them need to be cleaned?

Gutters that are protected with a high quality micro-mesh style gutter guard do not require regular cleanings. The products are designed and installed to be self-shedding, allowing any debris sitting on top of the guard to naturally move off in rain and wind. Should a build up occur, we can offer a nominally priced service to clear the roof and top of the gutter guards.

Poor quality gutter guards allow debris to pass through and need ongoing maintenance. This is the case for many plastic and metal mesh gutter guards that can be purchased at a home improvement store. Usually these types of guards have fairly large holes that allow debris through or larger debris gets stuck in the holes, blocking the proper flow of water. These types of guards give false piece of mind that the gutters are protected.

Will I need to maintain my roof after installing gutter guards?

In most cases, no ongoing maintenance will be required. The number and proximity of trees around your property will determine how often your roof may need to be blown off to keep it free of debris. We can offer recommendations for ongoing service needs.

What is the difference between high quality micro-mesh style gutter guards and other types of gutter covers?

High-quality micro-mesh gutter guards will keep your gutters free of debris without the need for regular cleanings. You will have piece of mind that your gutters and downspouts are not going to clog!

Gutter covers with large holes still allow debris to pass through, which just ends up in your gutter cavity or downspouts. They can also trap debris in their large holes which leads to unsightly build up on top of the covers. This kind of cover often still requires gutter cleaning, with more labor involved because the covers need to be removed and the gutter cavity cleaned underneath. This ends up costing you more in the long run!

Plastic gutter guards warp and crack after sun exposure. Remember, PVC is a plastic, so don’t be fooled by claims that PVC gutter guards will hold up over time.

Solid gutter cover styles don’t properly direct the flow of water off the roof and can void the warranty if they are removed for cleaning when debris inevitably gets into the gutter cavity due to their poor design.

Brush-style gutter inserts are ineffective and increase your maintenance costs as they still require regular gutter cleanings that are highly labor intensive.

High quality, metal framed, micro-mesh gutter guards are durable and will not rust, burn, or promote combustion. They will not warp, crack, or melt. Valor gutter guards are WUI compliant and fire retardant for installation on new builds where gutter covers are required due to wildfire danger.

Window Cleaning FAQs

How often should I clean my windows?
Cleaning your windows once a year will protect the glass and window frames against damage from the elements in most conditions. However, to keep your windows looking clean all year round, some customers right on the ocean will need monthly or even bi-monthly service. Pets and children will also dictate how often windows will need to be cleaned. We can help you set up a recurring service plan to fit your home and lifestyle.
How do you clean exterior windows?
We use ultrapure deionized water (DI water) and top-of-the-line poles and brushes. Water is run through our filtration system that removes all the minerals from the water, resulting in ultrapure water that allows for cleaning without the use of chemicals or soaps. We use the pole and brush to remove spider webs, dirt, and grime and then we thoroughly rinse the glass and frame, leaving your exterior windows to dry spot free. This is the most commonly used technique in modern window cleaning. The results are great and this also helps us work safely on your property, minimizing ladder use and allows us to work around delicate landscaping.
How does GutterPatrol clean interior windows?
We use a strip washer and applicator to apply a mixture of water and Glass Gleam 4 Window Cleaning Concentrate to clean the glass surface. A very small amount of concentrate is used. We then use a professional squeegee to remove the dirty soapy water from the glass. We finish by wiping the edges of the glass and frame as necessary to remove any leftover dirty water.
Does GutterPatrol clean window tracks and frames?
Yes, however detailed window track and frame cleaning is a separate charge due to the labor associated with deep cleaning. We include a light cleaning of visible tracks and frames with all interior and exterior window cleaning services, but for a more thorough cleaning, you will want to consider our Detailed Window Track and Frame Cleaning.
What is Detailed Window Track and Frame Cleaning?

Detailed window frame and track cleaning includes cleaning all visible and non-visible tracks and frames. To do so, we open the window and clean all the nooks and crannies with a variety of specialized tools. This is a line item that can be listed on your estimate to consider along with glass cleaning. Additional charges may apply if windows need to be taken apart to clean tracks or frames or if bleach is needed to clean mold on and around frames.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions about track and frame cleaning.

What if my windows are really dirty; do you charge more?
Occasionally we will need to charge more for a first time cleaning. Windows that haven’t been cleaned in a long time often require extra scrubbing to look good. We do our best to honor estimates, but pricing and scope of work will be confirmed at the time of the appointment.
How does GutterPatrol remove window screens?
We always compress the window spring while removing the screen as this helps the screen come out easier. If you prefer to remove your own screens, they can be stacked for us to clean. If you choose to remove your own screens, we will omit the charge per screen on your estimate/invoice.
How does GutterPatrol clean window screens?
We use an electric pressure washer with DI water to clean screens thoroughly without damaging. The pressure is calibrated to be very gentle on delicate window screens. This method offers superior results! If you prefer to clean your own screens, we will omit the charge per screen on your estimate/invoice.
Do I need to remove my curtains or blinds before a window cleaning appointment?
We can usually work around them, but if you prefer to remove them yourself, please do so prior to our arrival. If for any reason we can’t work around your window coverings, we will discuss the situation with you to come to a resolution.

Pressure Washing FAQs

What pressure washing cleaning services does GutterPatrol offer?
We utilize our pressure washers to clean building exteriors, decks, pavers, and concrete and aggregate surfaces.
How much pressure is used when using a pressure washer?
Different surfaces require different pressure. Soft surfaces like wood require less pressure while other hard surfaces like concrete require more pressure.
What is soft wash?
Soft wash is a cleaning process that uses a mixture of sodium hypochlorite, surfactants, and water at low pressure to clean exterior surfaces. Soft wash works well to remove moss, lichen, algae, mold, and mildew.
Do you offer soft wash?
We use soft wash as necessary to kill moss, lichen, algae, mold, and mildew.
What is the best way to clean flat surfaces like concrete and pavers?
To clean flat surfaces efficiently and effectively without damaging landscaping in the process, we use a pressure washer surface cleaner attachment that cleans flat surfaces with high powered rotating jets of water.